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Keep Your Campsite Secure

Camping isn’t quite what it used to be. Once, campers ventured into the woods bearing only some gear, some food, and some clothing, leaving bulky electronics behind. Nowadays, our electronics are smaller and more mobile than ever, allowing us to take phones, GPS devices, and even tablets into the wild. While electronic gadgets can be a boon on any trip, they are also more difficult to secure at your campsite. Here are some tips to keep things safe while you’re out enjoying nature:

Do your research. Talk to the staff at the campgrounds, and find out if they’ve had any issues with theft or other problems lately. Campers who’ve been at the grounds for awhile can also be a rich source of information.

Raise the alarm. Use a device that will allow you to set a campsite perimeter that will sound an alarm if an intruder enters your space.

Lock things up in your car. Your vehicle is a much more secure space than your tent, which can be slashed open in an instant. Pick a well-concealed spot where you can keep items out of plain site.

Know what you’ve got. If you forget that you’ve brought something, you’re more likely to lose it or forget to lock it up. Create an inventory of all of your equipment and double-check it before you leave.

Watch for animals. While it’s unlikely that you’ll return to your campsite to find a wild animal using your laptop, they will seek out any unsecured food. Keep your site clean, and don’t leave food, garbage, utensils, or even coolers out.

Leave the gadgets at home.  The best way to keep your items safe is not to take them at all. Use your camping trip as an opportunity to disconnect.

Check your personal property coverage. If you’re one to invest in gadgets (camping or otherwise), be sure your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance offers enough coverage for all your devices. Create a home inventory, and talk to your insurance agent about whether you have the appropriate coverage.

Safe and happy trails!