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10 Hurricane-Related FAQs about Homeowners Insurance

Oct 29 2012 photo credit: NASA With Hurricane Sandy poised to make landfall within the next 24 hours, homeowners and insurers alike are taking steps to prepare for the impending storm. Many insurers are working to assemble rapid-... more »

The Danger of Ice Dams

Oct 23 2012 Here in the Northeast, it seems as though winter is never-ending. While you may be cozy and warm inside your home, a dangerous situation could be forming on your roof. Ice dams can compromise the structure of your roof... more »

Winterization Tips for Homeowners

Oct 23 2012 With the unseasonably warm temperatures many parts of the U.S. have experienced lately, it's easy to forget that winter weather is just around the corner. While shopping for a Halloween costume and indulging in all... more »
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