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Great Customer Service During Storm from The Reis Group

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Great Customer Service During Storm

by Kristina Mulligan on Jul 18, 2018

After a horrible storm yesterday, a customer was kind enough to contact management and give a glowing review of our own Denise Acconzo, a Personal Lines Customer Service Representative from our Kingston office. The customer writes:

"Yesterday afternoon after the nasty storm, I called Reis to inquire about a tree that fell on my residence.  When I called, I was informed that the computers were down and the electric was out.  I informed the receptionist that I could wait until the following day for a return phone call as I understood the situation.  

Approximately 10 minutes after I called in, I noticed there was a voice mail.  When I retrieved the voice mail, it was a message from Denise Acconzo calling me back from her cell phone.  Needless to say, I was surprised at such a quick response when I am sure there were many other customers who may have been in crisis.  Today, I received a voice mail at 8:55am and a follow up email from Denise later in the day.  

I wish I had the words to express how grateful I am for the tremendous customer service that was provided to me.  I am sure there were other customers who were in need of assistance and yet I received a phone call and valuable information. 

Additionally, I spoke with another employee this morning who was extremely helpful as well. 

Again, I am beyond happy with the customer service I received and very much appreciate the fact that Denise took the time to call me. 

Thanks and have a great day."

Great customer service in the time of a crisis is so important! Call The Reis Group today at (845) 338-4656 for your insurance quote.

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