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The Reis Group CEO Meets With Assemblyman Cahill and PIANY to Discuss Insurance Issues


On Wednesday, April 17,NYS Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D-103) visitedPIANY headquarters in Glenmont, NY and met with the PIANY Board of Directors, includingPaul Casciaro, CEO of The Reis Group.


Paul Casciaro, CEO shares a light moment with Assemblyman Kevin Cahill at the Wednesday Board meeting of the Professional Insurance Agents in Glenmont NY

During theinformal meeting, board members had the opportunity to discuss important topics and concerns relevant to PIA members throughout New York State, including hurricane-deductible triggers, and other challenges faced by insurance agents and homeowners alike following Hurricane Sandy. Cahill, who is the Chair of the New York State Assembly Insurance Committee, acknowledged that professional agents have a unique perspective and understanding of what their clients and communities need. The agents expressed hope that the lessons learned from Sandy will allow lawmakers and regulators to continue to work together to facilitate meaningful change.

Cahill also expressed solidarity with PIANY's fight to repeal unnecessary photo inspection regulations, stating:

"We need to change this," he said. "It originally was intended to fight fraud. It's not working, and it's senseless."

As the meeting concluded, PIA officers conveyed their appreciation for Assemblyman Cahill's time and attention. In return, Cahill invited PIA members to take part in this week's upcomingroundtable discussion on post-disaster insurance coverage to further examine issues that commonly arise following a tragedy, such as available coverage for consumers, informing insureds of their coverage needs and options, and insurer claims settlement practices.