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Safety Tips for Your Holiday Road Trip

Are you one of the thousands of drivers who will be travelling for the holidays? If so, you’ll need to be prepared for increased traffic and potentially dangerous driving conditions. Here are some tips to keep your holiday road trip enjoyable and safe.

Keep Your Vehicle Properly Maintained. The lights, oil, tires (condition and pressure level), belts and hoses, brake fluid, antifreeze fluid and the condition of the battery should all be checked by a professional before leaving.

Plan Ahead. Plan your route in advance and check traffic reports and weather conditions before you leave. Bring a paper map in addition to your GPS. Be prepared for busy roads. If possible, consider leaving earlier or later to avoid heavy traffic.

Stay Connected. Keep a cell phone and charger with you at all times in case of an emergency—just don’t use it while you’re driving.

Be Prepared for Emergencies. Keep emergency supplies in the trunk of your car, including a blanket, boots, extra gloves, and a flashlight. Traction mats, kitty litter or sand can be used to improve traction on icy surfaces. Also, be sure to keep your gas tank at least half-full at all times to prevent the fuel line from freezing in colder temperatures.

Rest Up. Getting a good night’s sleep before you hit the road can help make your trip more enjoyable. Take regular breaks during long trips to avoid fatigue while driving.

Keep Your Home Secure. Avoid posting on social media that you’ll be away. Set timers to turn lights off and on, and have a trusted neighbor check on your property.

Make Sure You’re Covered. Winter weather and holiday travel can increase your risk of an accident, so it’s important to be sure you have the right coverage. Review your policy information with your insurance professional.

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