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Group Health, Dental & Disability Insurance

Group Health, Dental & Disability Insurance

The Reis Group offers affordable group rates on health, dental, disability and other forms of insurance for businesses and other groups. Group insurance provides a way for a group of individuals to keep premiums lower than individual rates.

Group Health Insurance

Most private health insurance plans in the United States are purchased through an employer-sponsored plan. Recent changes in healthcare laws require employers to make these plans more readily available to employees. Insurance agents at The Reis Group are well-versed in healthcare and insurance laws that govern small, mid-sized and large businesses. Additionally, we work with a wide range of insurance carriers, and we’ll be happy help you find the right insurance to meet your employees’ needs while staying within your budget.

Dental Insurance

Most affordable dental plans fall into the category of group insurance. Dental coverage pays for many of the costs associated with dental care. A good dental insurance plan available to employees can help companies minimize costly sick days and other expenses related to poor employee health. The Reis Group offers several different dental plans, which can be categorized as

  • Indemnity dental insurance, which allows users to see any dentist who accepts their coverage
  • Preferred Provider Network or PPO dental plans, which offer better coverage for preferred providers
  • Dental Health Managed Organizations or DMHOs, which assign members to specific practitioners or allow them to choose from a network of dentists

Disability Insurance

Since the early days of the railroad, employers have been including disability insurance in their employee benefits packages. Today, in the United States, all employers are required to have a basic form of disability insurance called “workers compensation.” This mandatory insurance protects workers from the cost of on-the-job accidents ranging from cuts and burns to major accidents involving machinery.

Disability insurance policies can also cover more than job-related injuries and accidents. Many employers offer disability insurance to pay a portion of the worker’s salary should she or he become unable to work for a variety of reasons.

Contact The Reis Group today to learn more about available group insurance policies. To get your free quote, simply fill out the electronic form. We look forward to helping you keep your employees and your business safe and healthy.