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Group Vision Insurance

New York Group Vision Insurance

As the economy improves, employers across New York State are finding it more difficult to attract and retain excellent employees. Competition among employers is growing, and often the company that offers the best benefits package will win the top talent. The Reis Group works with businesses of all sizes in the Hudson Valley as well as throughout the state of New York, and our network of top insurance providers helps us find affordable group benefit options for our corporate clients.

Affordable Options with Big Benefits

Vision coverage is one of the most sought-after employee benefits in the U.S. today. A 2011 study by Jobson Optical Research indicates that 80 percent of employees report interest in a vision plan. With computer and other electronic usage on the rise, risk of eye strain is on the rise, and group vision coverage is an affordable way for employers to help workers remain healthy and productive on the job.

More About Vision Insurance

Although many Americans rely on their employers for health insurance, not all of these individuals are able to rely on their employers for vision coverage. However, vision coverage is an affordable addition to healthcare coverage, and regular checkups encouraged by vision insurance can help doctors diagnose such health issues as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. By providing vision insurance options for your employees, you could be helping to save lives.

In addition to encouraging regular vision checkups, group vision insurance may also provide

  • Free or discounted corrective lenses
  • Free or discounted fittings and follow-up care
  • Frame benefits for eyeglasses
  • Warranties on eyeglasses
  • In-network discounts for both chains and independent vision-care specialists

Contact The Reis Group today to learn more about how you can enhance your employees’ well-being and perhaps even increase employee retention with group benefits like vision insurance. We look forward to helping you protect your most valuable assets with insurance worth having.